Greek Salad with Peppadews

Peppadews are my new favorite go-to ingredient – I’ve been adding them to anything from pizza to sandwiches, and now to salads.  Melsie and I first discovered them as a topping on a mushroom brick oven baked pizza at a lunch spot in downtown Lancaster near Central Market.  We both instantly fell in love with them.  The sweet, pickled peppers, with a bit of zip, are so incredibly flavorful.

In the spirit of healthy eating in the New Year, I’ve been making a lot of salads:  Italian style with cheddar and onions and mock-Maggiano’s salad with bacon and blue cheese, especially.  When I visited the grocery store this weekend, I grabbed some herb roasted croutons and reduced fat feta cheese.  Combining these two ingredients with a bit of iceberg lettuce, some diced onion and lite Greek vinaigrette (we prefer Gazebo Room) makes for a nice Greek salad.  The only thing missing yet for a Greek salad are the tomatoes!  A1 isn’t a big fan of tomatoes, and since they’re not in season, substituting some sliced peppadews brighten up this winter Greek salad and round out the flavors perfectly.  I could eat it daily – yum!

Greek Salad, Peppadews

Greek Salad with Peppadews

Greek Salad with Peppadews


  • Iceberg lettuce, chopped
  • Yellow onion, diced
  • Reduced fat feta cheese, crumbled
  • Herb roasted croutons
  • Peppadews, sliced
  • Greek dressing, Lite Gazebo Room


  • Combine ingredients in even proportions.  Toss and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Greek Salad with Peppadews

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